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Community News and Events

With many great activities going on in the community find out here which you would like to take part in.

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Aerial Views: October Photographs

Aerial views of the WCT Woking Bustler home Please take a look at the views of the Woking Community Transport headquarters taken from above. Book a ride Contact us to take advantage [...]

Digital Buddy at the Woking Library

Would you like help using computers and the internet? Make an appointment with our Digital Buddy who can offer free, one to one, support. Digital Buddies can: Support learners to use computers/laptops independently in the library for the first [...]

How a Bus becomes a Bustler

How a Bus becomes a Bustler This is a video about how a normal minibus transforms into a Woking Bustler Minibus. Book a Bustler So why not decide on an event or place to visit. Then book [...]

Coalition News

June 2018 - Issue 60 Surrey coalition of disabled people The voice of disabled people in Surrey. Working together to promote equality of opportunity and independent living for disabled people in Surrey. This monthly newsletter provides a roundup of relevant news and events in and [...]

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