Privacy and T&C’s

Terms and Conditions

Membership of Woking Community Transport

To become a member of Woking Community Transport our members will

  • have a permanent or temporary disability, reduced mobility, or a disability which prevents me from using normal public bus services, which makes it difficult to access mainstream public transport
  • be aged over 65 (likely to have reduced mobility)
  • experience pain or discomfort when accessing mainstream public transport – such as getting to or waiting at the bus stop or travelling on the bus
  • have no mainstream transport available at the time the passenger requires it – e.g. early appointment


In order to provide a professional and effective service we need to keep a record of personal information and we may need to be in contact to check the membership details.
This is information, such as your name and contact details, the person to contact in case of an emergency and details of any special mobility requirements.
All personal information is treated as private and confidential by all staff. It is recorded on a database digitally and or on paper.
You have the right to see any information that we hold about you, and to have your details removed. Please send an email via the Contact Us form.
We may compile statistical information for monitoring purposes but this will never include references to a particular individual.