Frequently asked questions

Is there a joining or Annual registration fee for membership?2024-04-02T15:30:30+01:00

Yes. From April 2024 a registration fee of £26 is required to use the service for 2024/25. Click here for more details

How do I become a dial-a-ride Driver or Passenger Assistant?2019-11-12T16:31:13+00:00

If you passed your car driving test before January 1997, you can apply to become a Bustler driver.

You will be required to attend an interview, undergo first aid, manual handling, safe guarding, and minibus driver training, pass a medical and disclosure checks.

WCT Bustler covers all costs for training and checks.

Is Woking Community Transport run by Woking Borough Council?2024-01-16T11:51:22+00:00

No, WCT Bustler is independent of the council.

Do you operate electric vehicles?2024-01-31T16:29:39+00:00

We have 14 electric vehicles within our fleet – 8 of these are accessible.

Our plan is for our fleet to be fully electric by 2030.

Do your Drivers and Passenger Assistants get paid?2019-11-12T16:30:49+00:00

The vast majority of our staff do get paid, however we also have a small number of volunteers.

Is there a joining or annual membership fee for dial-a-ride?2019-11-12T16:27:38+00:00

No, unlike some other borough dial-a-ride schemes, we do not charge to join or for annual membership.

Why can I not travel outside of Woking Borough on dial-a-ride?2024-04-02T15:31:58+01:00

The dial-a-ride service is run for the residents of Woking Borough and it’s operating area is restricted to within the Borough.

We do offer enhanced dial-a-ride for customers wishing to travel outside of the borough.

Why do you not have more than one person operating the booking line?2019-11-12T16:27:14+00:00

Due to the complexities of scheduling dial-a-ride and the use of multiple vehicles in multiple locations,

it is not currently possible to have more than one person amending the system at a time.

Why can I not get through on the booking line?2019-11-12T16:27:05+00:00

The dial-a-ride booking line is operated by one person.

The line is open 9:30 – 12:00 and 14:30 – 16:00 Monday to Friday.

These times are designed to allow time for the operator to deal with voice messages and email bookings.

We current have over 2,500 dial-a-ride members, and therefore the booking line can become very busy at times.

Why does WCT Bustler hold reserve funds?2019-11-12T16:26:58+00:00

WCT Bustler operates on a best practice principle, this among other considerations requires us to hold reserves to cover a six month operating period.

In addition, a commercial operator is required to hold in reserve £8,000 for its first vehicle and £4,450 for every additional vehicle.

Why do I sometimes only see one person travelling on a dial-a-ride minibus?2019-11-12T16:26:46+00:00

Dial-a-ride is a multiple pick-up and multiple drop-off service.

For this reason there may be times when only one passenger is on board.

However, on other occasions there may be several people on board at the same time i.e. all passengers travelling to the same destination, shops etc.

Do you run a service on a Saturday?2024-01-31T11:17:09+00:00

Due to funding and the lack of demand currently there is no Dial-a-Ride service on Saturdays.

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