Woking Mayor Visits Bustler

Woking Town Mayor councillor Will Forster visited WCT on Thursday the 21st of March, he was given a brief tour of our offices and a short presentation highlighting our services. He then enjoyed some hands on experience with one of our drivers, Bruce Graham, who took him along for a Dial a Ride trip.

The Mayor then returned to Moorcroft where our CEO Guy Padfield Wilkins, Vice Chairman Anne Ansell and GM Stephen Morris were able to share some of the challenges WCT face in maintaining and growing our service. The Mayor took a keen interest in the points raised and it is to hoped that some of these can be raised at council level as appropriate.

Finally we discussed WCT’s ambitions to be the first Community Transport Association In the UK to operate a wholly electric vehicle. This was of great interest to the Mayor who thought WCT should progress this idea with Woking Borough Council at the earliest opportunity, which we intend to do.

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