MiDAS Training

MiDAS Training

Introducing MiDAS Training

The Community Transport Association operates MiDAS throughout the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, under licence from Hampshire County Council which initially developed MiDAS and operates the scheme in Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton.  MiDAS is designed to make appropriate training, assessment and accreditation available for voluntary sector organisations, local authorities, care providers and educational establishments.

Woking Community Transport provides MiDAS and PATS training

These training courses and assessments are conducted at our premises or at your premises and can include both

  • MiDAS – Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme
  • PATS – Passenger Assistant Training Scheme

Objectives of MiDAS for drivers

The objectives of MiDAS for drivers are that minibus drivers will:

  • Be assessed to ensure their driving skills are of an acceptable standard
  • Be given help where necessary to improve their minibus driving skills
  • Be aware of the legal, practical and safety issues surrounding minibus driving
  • Be trained and assessed in the safe use of wheelchair accessible minibuses where necessary
  • Receive a certificate that is accepted by other MiDAS members
MiDAS training at Woking Bustler

To book or discuss any aspect of MiDAS training please call us at

01483 744800

There are many potential benefits of MiDAS including:

  • Enhanced passenger safety
  • Improved passenger comfort
  • Increased staff confidence
  • Reduced stress on staff
  • Potential reduction in vehicle running costs
  • Potential reduction in insurance premiums

MiDAS certificate for minibus drivers

There are two certificates which can be achieved:

  • Standard
  • Accessible

If you undertake the basic training then you will receive a certificate which enables you to drive standard (non-wheelchair accessible) minibuses only.

The MiDAS certificate for minibus drivers will enable you to drive the minibus of other MiDAS members without needing to be re-assessed.

How MiDAS works for minibus drivers

The MiDAS course for minibus drivers includes some practical elements and some classroom elements.

All drivers attend a classroom session which looks at:

  • Legal requirements for minibus drivers
  • Driving for safety and economy
  • Passenger safety
  • Child passenger safety
  • Personal safety for drivers
  • Breakdown, accident and emergency procedures

They then undergo a driving assessment, which includes;

  • Eyesight check
  • Basic vehicle familiarisation
  • Demonstration and commentary drive
  • Driving familiarisation
  • Driving assessment

Accessible certificate

The additional modules that need to be covered for the Accessible certificate are:

  • Passenger awareness
  • Passenger assistance
  • Safe use of passenger lifts and ramps
  • Wheelchair and passenger restraint equipment
  • Legal requirements and good practice

How to book your MiDAS training

A Standard course (non-accessible) costs £100.00 plus VAT per person

The Full course (accessible) costs £120.00 plus VAT per person

MiDAS training can be carried out either at your school, or at our training centre in Westfield, Woking.

Courses run between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.
Course duration may vary depending upon the number of students and course selection.

Call 01483 744800 to book your MiDAS training today

Teachers and Schools

We have created some documents for use, in particular with schools and teachers, for both understanding what certificate to take and then after the certification. Please feel free to download and share them with your colleagues.

Flowchart for teachers

For teacher MiDAS training please use our flowchart to easily assess your drivers’requirements

Download the flowchart
Download the flowchart

Minibus Checklist and Advice

Download our Minibus Aide Memoire for checks and usage reminders.

Download the Checklist (14Mb)
Download the Checklist (14Mb)