Vehicle Safety Checks

We are on occasion asked by our regular passengers why different vehicles are used to make the same journeys. The reason is that at 10 week intervals every vehicle in our fleet returns to our garage and is subject to a safety check. These checks are to ensure our passengers safety and comfort, to meet our licensing obligations and to comply with legislation as set down by the DVSA.

Safety checks are carried out on all of our vehicles irrespective of age. You might wonder why this is necessary on a brand new 2020 registered vehicle, with that in mind please take a minute to view the attached short video clip below. This shows a suspension defect found on one of our new diesel vehicles (after less than 1,500 miles of service) during its first 10 week safety check. Needless to say the vehicle was immediately taken out of service and returned to the main agent for repair.

Here at Bustler we are extremely fortunate to have our own garage facility, the Woking Community Transport Service Station – WCTSS,  so there is no waiting or delay for these checks, meaning our vehicles are always safe and comfortable for our passengers.

As well as maintaining our own vehicles our minibus specialist technicians are trusted to maintain vehicles for other passengers service providers including, Community Transport, Schools and Local Authorities. They can even look after your own family car where it will receive the expert care and attention that WCT Service Station is renowned for.

If you would like to have a friendly no obligation chat to discuss your requirements please contact the team at WCT Service Station.

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