Free dial-a-ride service throughout August and September

Throughout the pandemic many of the most vulnerable members of our community have found it extremely difficult to get out. This may have been due to shielding, reduced mobility, or not having the means to travel.

Woking Community Transport has been providing dial-a-ride, and other transport services throughout Woking Borough and beyond for almost 30 years. We recognise the difficulty many of our dial-a-ride members will have in getting to hospital appointments, shopping, and those long-awaited hair appointments. Therefore, to support dial-a-ride members and the local economy, we will be offering a free dial-a-ride service throughout August and September, and if our finances permit, our intention is to then continue this free service until the end of the year.

We will only transport one passenger at a time, all our staff are equipped with PPE, and vehicles are regularly cleaned throughout the day. In addition, vehicles undergo a deep clean at our service station once a week, ensuring that all journeys are as safe as can be.

Members will need to continue to book transport in advance, and we are happy to welcome new members provided they meet the service requirements. It is hoped that this safe and completely free door to door service, will help those in our community who struggle to get out due to reduced mobility, age, or disability.

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